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The Partner Program allows talented members of our gaming community to support the games they love and get recognized for it. To participate, please fill out a few questions telling us about your skills. Depending on your profile and abilities, we will contact you with a personalised opportunity (Quest). Once you complete a Quest, you can receive beta test keys, in-game items, special information, and much more! It is our mission to support our awesome community by rewarding you for your contributions! If you love games as much as we do, join us!
We embrace many different types of Partners: Content Creators (influencers, streamers, artists, etc), Moderators, Game Testers, Professional Gamers, Translators, Casters, Companies, and more (cosplayers, modders, any role related to gaming!). You can even choose multiple skills at once! If you’ve got skills then register on this website, fill out the registration form, and wait for opportunities to pop up.
Anyone can register to the Partner Program and fill out the form. After the profile has been confirmed and approved, Partners receive personalised opportunities according to your skills. Quests for each game has a specific set of requirements and will only be available to Partners with suitable profiles.
Quests are opportunities we provide to our Partners. They can be sent by email or you can apply for them on the main page. Quests range from creating videos, streaming games, testing new game updates and features, playing closed beta games, writing reviews, translating or proofreading articles… the list goes on! For any questions, join our Discord for a quick response: Remember to keep your profile information updated to receive the most suitable Quests. Accepted Quests are shown in your profile.
Each Quest has its own completion time specified in its details. They can last one week, one month or be periodic. Some Quests are renewable, and can be accepted more than one time. If you wish to obtain its rewards, you have to complete it within the time frame specified in each Quest’s details.
Each Quest comes with various rewards. They range from in-game items, DLC, Official Partner titles/items, special access to features on official channels, unique merchandise and even special gifts! You will have to complete a Quest in order to receive your rewards. Check the Quest details for information about rewards and how to claim them. Usually, rewards are sent via email or directly in-game. Special rewards may require additional information.All communication within the Partner Program is done via email and/ or partner channels.
Registration is completed as soon as you confirm your email and fill out the form, your profile will then be checked for validation. If approved, you are eligible for personalised Quests. Keep your profile updated to make sure you receive the Quests that are right for you.
We embrace the BNBR policy (Be Nice, Be Respectful!), especially for our content creators. Make sure to adhere by the rules of partnered games.